Quest IIoT Plug and Play Technology

Quest Streamlines IIoT Deployment with Patented Plug and Play Technology

Quest is changing the future of industrial automation with IIoT Plug and Play (PnP) deployment technology.

Our emerging Plug and Play technologies will change industrial automation across a variety of industries that rely on automation in their day-to-day operations. This patented PnP solution allows engineers, system integrators, technicians, and other users, to configure their automated systems seamlessly in record breaking times.

Building a control system from scratch becomes a breeze with automatic device recognition, as well as automated establishment of end-to-end communications.

Quest customers save time and money by automating device connections across a wide range of platforms and between devices with a variety of communication protocols. Our solution can provide built-in configuration information that quickly identifies the device information and walks users through steps to quickly insert those devices into their control systems – eliminating the time that would be currently spent researching device communication protocols, memory structures, connection methods, and requirements needed to implement and introduce new devices to existing automation control infrastructures.

With our system’s ease of usability, employers are no longer bound by the constraints of searching for employees with a specific programming and protocol knowledge.

Our technology is built on open standards to ensure flexibility and adaptability amongst future technological changes in the industrial automation space. Many of these open standards have already been readily adopted by the Industry 4.0, or IIoT, and the IoT movements; this will ensure the relevance of our technology well into the future.

This new Plug and Play technology will also allow companies from all markets to maximize productivity and better allocate resources towards what matters most. Coupled with Quest’s full line of software components, installations and maintenance, control system expansions and integrations have never been easier.

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